Structural Steel Assessment

The Structural Steel Assessment (SSA) inspections in all industries are heavily focused on safety for personnel and products that are intended to identify conditions requiring repair, structural deficiencies, corrosion that affects the structural integrity, fall protection deficiencies, ladder, platform and all building deficiencies.

Third party visual inspection

Visual Inspection is a well-established but sometimes an undervalued form of examination. It requires an experienced inspector that uses a well-trained eye, touch, hearing and smell and any non-specialised inspection equipment such as a measurement instrument. Adequate periodic assessment of a industrial plant will not only increase safety on site, but will also help preventive maintenance and reduce unnecessary operational downtime.

Inspection procedure

In general, the inspector carries out a thorough visual inspection of the condition of the plant, and all building and structure deficiencies.

Types of steel structures  and infrastructure that are considered during the assessment include but are not limited to the following:

  • Structural steel supporting vessels, silos, bins, tanks or other process equipment.
  • Plant infrastructure such as work platforms, decks, walkways and handrail systems, staircases, and ladders.
  • Supports for lifting devices (monorails) and fall protection systems.
  • Structural components of buildings and roofs.
  • Concrete structures and foundations.


To ensure the integrity of the inspected plant, a deeper inspection with additional (advanced) non-destructive methods such as ultrasonic wall thickness measurements or phased array ultrasonic testing, may follow up. Other inspections, like plant inspections or FRP inspections may be added to a Structural Steel Assessment.

Our reports

At the conclusion of our assessment, we issue a report in writing that describes the existing conditions, a list of the components reviewed and our observations of the structural integrity of these components, including sketches of the structure and photographic documentation.

If we note deficiencies of any of the components, we will list general rehabilitation recommendations for noted deficiencies. To substantiate our observations and engineering assessments, photographic documentation, field measurements will be included.

Our SSA services are offered together with our sister company International Test Solutions.

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