Des services totalement indépendants

Dans son souci de devenir la société d'inspection préférée des titulaires d'actifs industriels, les valeurs d'objectivité et de fiabilité sont de la plus grande importance. Aussi, Control Union ne possède aucun lien avec tout fabricant d'équipement ou assureur et, en tant que société familiale non cotée en bourse, ses services restent objectifs et indépendants.

Unbiased inspections

Control Union staff make their judgements completely independently of any commercial considerations, as the business is not linked to any equipment manufacturers or suppliers and gains no benefit from rejected equipment. Our integrity and staff objectivity is embedded in its code of conduct which is an integral part of staff training and our monitoring system.

Family owned

Control Union is part of a global operating inspection and logistics company. We are non-listed and family owned. This enables us to focus on the long term and be a trustworthy and reliable partner for our staff, our suppliers and our customers.