Offshore Containers & Tanks

Control Union periodically inspects offshore containers, offshore tank containers and other lifting frames; at our own facility as well as on customer premises.

Control Union periodically undertakes offshore containers inspections, including inspections of offshore tank containers and other lifting frames, at its own facilities as well as on clients' premises.

These inspections are carried out in accordance with the leading industry standards, including:

  • ISO10855
  • IMO MSC Circ. 860
  • EN12079
  • DNV 2.7-1
  • BS7072

In addition to these standards, acceptance and rejection criteria may be extended in accordance with your specific requirements or those of your customer. Control Union is also equipped to undertake small maintenance tasks for offshore containers.

Tank containers

Control Union can perform two-and-a-half and five year IMO pressure tests and inspections on the body and valve system for tank containers, including overhauling or replacing specific parts.

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