Safe transfer

As a Safe Transfer approved service center and with years of experience, Control Union has all the knowledge and special tools available to inspect and maintain your 4 or 8 person Safe Transfer personnel basket (formerly produced under the ESVAGT brand).

In accordance with Safe Transfer guidelines, personnel transfer baskets require a six monthly visual inspection by a competent and accredited person.

In addition, various parts, including the compensator and top and bottom fenders, must be replaced by an approved service centre and every five years, the complete lifting set must be replaced.

A load-test and NDT inspection is also required to maintain the integrity of your Safe Transfer personnel transfer basket and to ensure it adheres to Safe Transfer approvals based on DNVGL-ST-0378 and EN14502-1.

All Control Union offices are approved service centres and accredited by DNV-GL for NDT inspections, making them the perfect partner for clients who require support in this area. Control Union is able to assist in the inspection and maintenance of clients' Safe Transfer personnel baskets, both onshore and offshore/at sea and at locations all around the world.

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