Pre shipment inspections

Whether at quay side or at your own yard, Control Union is able to perform a last minute pre shipment inspection on your equipment, and that of your subcontractor, before it is send out offshore.

Whether at the quay side or customer's own yard, Control Union can perform a last minute pre-shipment inspection of equipment, and that of subcontractors, before it is sent offshore.

Control Union's pre-shipment inspection checklist can include assessments of lifting equipment and offshore units, certification data and safe packing of the cargo. Whatever the focus, customers can rest assured that Control Union's pre-shipment inspection procedure will be in accordance with their specifications, as well as those of their customers.

As one of the leading pre-shipment inspection agencies, Contol Union's pre-shipment inspections can help give clients a definite advantage in, for example, fewer dropped objects incidents, a reduction in quay side rejections and an increase in efficiency improvements.

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