Lifting & Hoisting equipment

In accordance with LOLER and PUWER, Control Union inspectors are able to perform inspections on all kinds of lifting and hoisting equipment.

In accordance with international standard and local requirements such as LOLER and PUWER, Control Union inspectors are able to perform a wide range of lifting equipment inspections and hoisting equipment inspections.

Inspected equipment includes wire rope or chain assemblies, shackles and other loose chain materials, as well as inspections of hoists, blocks, pad eyes and other lifting equipment.

Control Union inspectors are all competent and trained in accordance with LEEA, EKH and TCVT requirements. They comply with any local standards as well. Control Union is backed by years of experience that allows it to guide customers on how to use and maintain their lifting and hoisting equipment safely and optimally, and inspectors are able to perform a complete survey of all lifting equipment on a plant, factory or platform.

Control Union is also flexible and can comply with customers' requirements. Along with a separate digital certificate of each item, a detailed inspection report will be delivered to clients together with recommendations and suggestions for improvement.

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