In an ever changing environment, a compliant helideck is essential for your offshore operations. Control Union offers helideck inspections and certification in accordance with the latest CAP437 edition and ICAO annex 14.

Extensive experience

We have been performing helideck inspections for almost a decade and have built up an extensive track record with competent inspectors covering the globe. We actively support the CAP437 review and are part of HSAC, ensuring we are ahead on all latest developments and ensure you’re are always complying to the latest developments. Our inspections are aligned with the global ICAO Annex 14 and local requirements such as NOGEPA. Inspectors are endorsed by large global offshore operators in oil and gas and offshore wind.

Scope of services

Our helideck survey covers all important aspects of the helideck as per CAP437 and ICAO Annex 14, such as the physical characteristics of the platform and lighting, the rescue and firefighting equipment, the refueling system and a thorough review of the operational and quality processes. Our report covers all important aspects of the survey and data on your helideck and equipment. It gives a clear overview of the required corrective actions and full photographic coverage.

Helideck friction testing

With a global fleet of fully CAP437 compliant helideck friction testers, we are able to perform an (bi)annual friction test on any helideck surface, such as:
  • Flat helideck surfaces with a micro-texture finish
  • Profiled helideck surfaces, typically constructed from extruded aluminium planks:
    • Legacy helidecks (i.e. helidecks commissioned before 01 January 2017)
    • New helidecks (i.e. helidecks commissioned on or after 01 January 2017)
As per CAA and CAP437 guidance our friction testers are continuous friction measuring equipment (CFME) testers providing automated data collection, storage and processing facilities. Our report clearly indicates any non-compliant areas that need to be corrected up to a detail of one square meter.

Refueling installation

Based on 20 years of experience, our refueling installation inspectors are able to certify your refuel installation in compliance to CAP437 and any local or client requirement. The safe operation of the refuel system and earthing system is verified and all maintenance, such as filter change, hose testing and gauge/flow meter calibration is reviewed. Our inspection report covers all aspects of the refuel system and maintenance data and a detailed description and photographic evidence of any non-conformities found.

Perimeter net testing

When required, we are able to perform a drop test on your sacrificial perimeter net to ensure compliance and safe operations. These tests can be performed globally at our various workshop locations.

Your key to control and ready to go where you are

Whether your helideck is on an offshore platform, drilling rig or on a vessel, our inspectors are fully compliant with safety trainings for both oil and gas as wind energy (GWO) to perform all required services. Our reporting ensures we are your key control on CAP437 and ICAO Annex 14 compliance and due to our global coverage we are ready to go where you are!

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