Ballast water systems

IMO/USCG approval is a crucial part of ballast water treatment system (BWTS). Control Union Water can provide ballast water testing which meets your specific requirements within a realistic timeframe.

With tailor-made test plans to suit customer needs, Control Union makes sure your systems meet requirements while satisfying the specifications of IMO and USCG type approval.

The test facility

Control Union's test facility is located at Seaport Texel (The Netherlands). The facility has:

  • Three different salinities available rapidly
  • High-quality test water
  • Capacity to pump water at a rate of 250 m3/ hour
  • Part of the Control Union independent lab

The tests

Control Union Water has extensive experience in ballast water testing. It can provide:

  • Pre-tests (effectiveness)
  • Filter tests
  • Thorough analysis of test water (chemical, physicochemical and biological analyses)
  • Tests and analysis can be performed with all salinities

Control Union is a partner of the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ).