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Control Union Industrial Inspections expands helideck friction tester fleet

Control Union Industrial Inspections (CUII) has further expanded its fleet of fully CAP437 compliant friction testers following the recent delivery of a new Micro GT friction tester to its Mumbai office.

The expansion was required to cope with the increasing demand of friction testing around the world. CUII has a global fleet of friction testers, ensuring they can meet customer requirements for helideck friction testing wherever the vessel, rig or platform is located. Friction testing is often combined with a helideck survey, a refuelling system inspection and/or a perimeter test.

Since the leading CAP437 guideline was updated in December 2016, it is a requirement to perform an annual friction test on every helideck, regardless  of the friction of the deck, the paint used or if a net is in place. The CAP437 has stringent requirements on the friction tester used, making many previously used friction testers non-compliant. CUII has therefore invested in expanding its global fleet of compliant testers, to ensure current and future clients may be served. Friction tests may also be performed on onshore helideck such as office buildings and hospitals.

Reporting of the friction test includes a detailed overview of the helideck, with measured friction per square meter and all directions and averages as required in the CAP437. To ensure an efficient and cost effective survey, the friction test may be combined with other inspection services as required. 


About CUII

Control Union Industrial Inspections provides independent inspections services, providing asset owners with control over their industrial equipment. Through global coverage and local knowledge, we guarantee a uniform approach and consistent quality. Our approach allows us to plan and execute services efficiently, with a focus on the clear and timely reporting of key information. This makes a significant difference in the operational implications and the associated costs of your third party inspections.

Control Union Industrial Inspections friction tester

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