Tailor made relational database

Control Union is 'your key to control' and is therefore able to provide key information on clients' industrial equipment. The customer portal has been specifically designed to make sure you are always aware of the status and needs of your equipment. Easy search functionality leads customers to the item and inspection report they are looking for and sophisticated analysis tools enable them to manage equipment and monitor locations, quantities and reject reasons.

Fit to your operation

Control Union's customer portal and database is attuned to fit customers operational needs, it can define locations and stock locations to manage your equipment and match the physical and organisational set up of your operation. Customers' own identification numbers are the key - with access to the portal provided to staff based on their location and operational responsibilities.

Your key to control

Every user has a dashboard on our portal that immediately informs the user of equipment status, recent services completed and the latest relevant developments. This can be individually adjusted to fit user requirements. Prominent search options guide customers to items or inspection reports and Control Union can include any third party or manufacturing report in its database. Using analysis and export tools, customers are able to fully analyse and control their equipment and inspection data.

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