Shared responsibility for efficiency

We strongly believe in efficient campaign based surveys that minimize operational implications and reduce costs. With a focus on shared responsibility, we encourage you and your staff to work with our inspection teams to get the job done quickly and safely.

Shared responsibility for an efficient survey execution

When a survey is prepared well, the inspection teams are able to complete the work at hand in less time, with less operational disturbance and lower safety risk. When our survey is planned well and equipment is prepared and made available by your crew or facility staff, our teams can work quickly and leave the worksite earlier. We call this shared responsibility for an efficient survey execution and we encourage the same via our lumpsum with reduction pricing model.

Lumpsum with reduction pricing model

Our unique lumpsum with reduction pricing model ensures predictable third party inspection costs combined with a stimulus to ensure our teams are able to work efficiently. Any days we spent less on your facility will be deducted from the lumpsum pricing based on a dayrate and signed timesheets. This ensures full transparency and predictability of costs. The lumpsum rate will never be exceeded, unless there are circumstances out of our control, such as waiting on weather or activity or additional scope.


By using our lumpsum with reduction model and introducing the shared responsibility for an efficient job execution, there are several cost and operational benefits such as:
  • Predictable and transparent costs for third party inspections;
  • Further cost reductions in case of good preparation and cooperation;
  • Multi-skilled staff can perform various scopes in a single campaign;
  • Minimal operational disturbance;
  • Reduced amount of staff on board;
  • Rotating teams increase safety and prevent for site blindness.
Are you interested in how we can lower your costs and improve your operations? Reach out to us now. 

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