Shared responsibility for efficiency

Control Union focuses on efficient inspections that minimise operational implications and reduce costs. We believe in shared responsibility for efficient job execution and encourage you and your staff to work with our inspection teams. Working together ensures we get the job done quickly, reducing operational disturbances and lowering customers' third party inspection expenditure.

Survey preparation

During the planning phase of a survey, we encourage and helps customers' staff to prepare and plan for the services. This preparation ensures equipment is available and ready for inspection, avoiding staff spending time trying to locate and gather equipment. When planning is improved, higher volumes will be available for inspection, enabling Control Union to work even more efficiently. By clearly defining scopes and responsibilities prior to the work, we are always able to complete services on time and within budget.

Your benefits

Control Union has various transparent pricing models that enable customers to benefit from efficient inspections, depending on the scope of services required. We do not have hidden costs and will inform customers if inspections are not required by OEM or legislation. Any reduction in the time spent due to successful preparation and survey execution will directly reduce customers' costs and encourages staff to prepare effectively.

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