Customer specs in procedures

To enhance your operations, Control Union learns its customers' internal processes by heart and incorporates them into inspection procedures. This means Control Union does not only inspect customers' equipment, but it also checks correct use and whether it is in line with the company's internal requirements.

Inspection matrix

In order to give a clear overview of inspection requirements based on global and local legislation, and combined with the company's inspection and replacement requirements, Control Union can develop a tailor-made inspection matrix.

This is a clear policy document in line with customers' maintenance systems, applicable legislation and regulation. It clearly indicates the minimum requirements for the inspection and replacement of equipment and ensures requirements are met and known to both customers' staff and Control Union inspection teams.

Standard operational procedures

For the purpose of standardisation, many operational procedures define specific types of equipment to be used or not to be deployed. During Control Union surveys, it will continuously monitor compliance to these procedures and will notify customers if non-conformities are found.


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