Who we are

Control Union Industrial Inspections provides independent inspections services, providing asset owners with control over their industrial equipment. Through global coverage and local knowledge, we guarantee a uniform approach and consistent quality. Our approach allows us to plan and execute services efficiently, with a focus on the clear and timely reporting of key information. This makes a significant difference in the operational implications and the associated costs of your third party inspections.

Our personality

We are the industry leader in the Industrial Inspections market and our clients identify with our success. Our core values make us exemplary, we value tradition and project clear vision, determination, order and structure. The Control Union brand encapsulates quality by ensuring its clients obtain and maintain control over their assets.

Our customers

We serve a wide range of industrial customers both in the offshore energy and maritime sectors as well as the processing food and feed sector, refineries and other manufacturing environments. 

Global Presence

We have dedicated industrial inspections offices in the major regions, with coverage in 75 countries around the world. We are a flexible and independent partner and ready to go where ever you are. Our global experience ensures we can guide you in compliance with local legislation and regulations.

Independent Services

We are part of a global operating inspection and logistics company founded in 1920. We are non listed, family owned and not connected to any manufacturer, supplier or insurer. This enables us to focus on the long term and be a trustworthy and reliable partner for our staff, our suppliers and our customers.

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