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ABS Certifies Control Union Industrial Inspections (CUII) for Dropped Objects Risk Inspection and Program Audits

ABS, the leading provider of classification and technical services to the offshore industry, certified Control Union Industrial Inspections (CUII) as an ABS Recognized External Specialist in Dropped Objects Risk Inspection and Program Audits. As an external specialist, CUII will be facilitating the implementation of onboard DROP management programs and compliance with ABS class notations.

ABS certifies external specialists based on the ABS Guide for Dropped Object Prevention on Offshore Units and Installations. It is the industry’s first-of-its-kind standard with optional class notations—DOPP and DOPP+—and related services that assist in improving safety and reducing risk of injury, as well as protecting equipment, property and the environment.

“An estimated 10 percent of fatalities and thousands of medical treatment and lost-time injuries are caused by dropped objects annually.” says Demetri Stroubakis, ABS Assistant Chief Surveyor.  “Working with reputable and recognized external specialists, ABS can help address the situations that lead to dropped objects in the workplace with the potential to improve offshore safety and, ultimately, saving the lives of offshore workers.”

CUII, a third-party industrial inspection company with more than 10 years of experience, earned the ABS Recognized External Specialist certification following a rigorous vetting process that included a facility audit, documentation review and a practical, full demonstration of dropped objects inspection procedures and software on Paragon C463, an ABS-classed drilling jack-up rig located in IJmuiden, the Netherlands. 

“The ABS Guide positively facilitates the risk assessment of both existing and new build installations.” said Koen Backer van Ommeren, CUII Global Technical and Commercial Manager. “It is great to work with ABS on this service recognition, and CUII is looking forward to jointly approach the market with these new services.”

Read here the press release by ABS

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